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New weapon in the fight against Foot-in-Mouth-Disease

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People say the darndest things. Especially when they’re worried and/or scared. Ok, some people are just jerks, but mostly they mean well and the stuff they say just comes out wrong.

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Today a friend pointed me to the Emily McDowell Studio website. She’s designed a fresh, honest line of heartfelt “empathy cards.” Like Hallmark, but for grim times.

Check ’em out. They’re fun but not flippant, cute but not coy. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room inside for you to copy the inspirational quote about never giving up that you saw on Pinterest this morning. (I’m kidding.)

Honestly, I think she’s on to something. I hope these cards will make great strides in the battle against the tragic, (and so often incurable) Foot-in-Mouth-Disease.


An added ambience of restful elegance

Most days, I take a total of 22 pills. Vitamins and supplements and stuff, which vary by day, depending on where I am in my course of my chemo. To make things even more complicated, the number and type also vary between morning and night. It can get pretty confusing trying to deal with that on a day-to-day basis, so every Friday after my infusion, I take a few hours (kidding) to sort out everything for the coming week.

The person who comes up with this plan for me is my acupuncturist Michael McCulloch. He’s a very respected TCM practitioner who works with many people struggling with serious illnesses and has recently published his research on dogs’ ability to sniff out and detect certain cancers.

Anyway, he’s great and every time I get new scans, he revisits my plan and adjusts my herbs and vitamins and he’s kind enough to make a blueprint that I can follow to know what to take, and when.

So yesterday as I was sorting all my pills into their respective M-F/Am-Pm slots, I happened to notice that I had somehow overlooked a very important component of his prescription:


Never really my strong suit, but I’m going to attempt to start working that in immediately.