I’m soaking in it


Of all the cancer treatments I’ve been on, my least favorite was Affinitor. Why? Because they told me not to take baths! (It makes the skin on your feet peel off.) They also told me, “not to clap my hands” (?!) but I didn’t give a crap about that rule, because I am not addicted to generating applause.

I am, however, addicted to long, hot baths.

Baths have now replaced all my former vices— and I had plenty, let me tell you. Like any good gateway drug, it now takes more than some cut-rate epsom salts to get me off. (Plus, so much of that store-bought product comes with extra chemicals.) So, half out of necessity, half out of curiosity, I’ve become a bit of a mad scientist. Bathtub gin, bathtub meth— pfft, let’s make some REAL bathtub drugs! Who’s getting in with me?

Kava/Damiana Soak for Magicks and Happy Thoughts

(I order my herbs and muslin bags from Mountain Rose Herbs, they’re organic, and fairly priced.)

I must preface this one by saying I am a bit of a hippie. This bath smells like Stevie Nicks’ dirty laundry and the water you soak in will be a sludgy brown color. (It won’t stain your skin or tub though.) If you can get past those two hurdles— embrace them, even—in my experience, this bath is pretty doggone rewarding.

Mix 1 cup kava  and 1/2 cup of damiana in a pot and fill with water. Bring up to a boil and then simmer over medium low heat for 20 minutes. Strain the herbs into a muslin bag and tie. Give it a squeeze and toss into the tub along with the “broth” you just made. Light some candles. Get in and float away . . . see what happens next.



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