I made it four years without the hair-killing kind of chemo. I’m super lucky and grateful for that. I didn’t know that cold therapy to prevent hair loss was even an option, and actually I’m still not quite sure — but damn, it sure has taught me a bunch.

If you’re here for the short answer: Do Penguin Cold Caps work? Yes, for me they have worked so far. They are also expensive and they cost a lot, too. Haha. See what I did there?

You see, as it turns out, wheeling two coolers full of 80 lbs of dry ice into the clinic isn’t something I can do on my own. Neither can I lift and fit a freshly sub-zero-frozen cap to my head every 30 minutes for NINE STRAIGHT HOURS. (Yes, that’s really how long it takes.) It’s not that I need help, in order to do this cap thing successfully, I need someone to do this for me. Every. Single. Week.

I have a lot of awesome friends. They are all willing and able and happy to take me to lunch, to drive me around, to sit and hold my hand — but these caps are too much. It’s physically exhausting and really, nine hours? People have lives, and families and hobbies and stuff. So these caps have brought me to a scary place: the place of the hired caregiver.

“Caregiver” equals  “I need help.” For me, coming to this realization has been absolutely terrifying. I’m not a person who is used to asking for or needing help. And today I need help for the b.s. vanity which is keeping my hair—but tomorrow I might need help to do very basic things. Ugh. See? Scary. Also scary? The first weirdo who answered my Craigslist ad for a hair helper. (shivers)





Ok. I feel better now. I did finally find a person to help me. But for my sanity’s sake, I’m not calling her a caregiver.




  1. Kari

    I just found out my cancer came back and then discovered your site – immediately feel better and looking forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. Brenda

    So glad you found someone to help! If your new friend doesn’t work out you can always try That’s where I found Xan’s nanny and if I have another baby, where I will find a “night nanny”. The website has all kinds of “friends” who can watch babies, take care of pets, clean your house/run errand, or take care of any “care” needs. A lot of times there are retired nurses looking for small jobs, etc. The site offers background checks and people can leave reviews on people they’ve hired–so you can eliminate the sketchy ones! 😉 Just an idea!

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