Graduated from Earth School

I can only imagine that if Laurel were tapping at these keys instead of me that’s how she’d title this post. Fireboy here, aka Brett Bond, aka Laurel’s husband, ie luckiest guy still rattling around this earthly plane. Luckiest to have had the time we did. Laurel often said, sometimes even half seriously, that she’s done—belief in past lives be damned, this would be her last time round. She was happier than she’d ever been, gotten everything she came for and it’s time to move on to greener universes.

Well, almost everything.

Our daughter Kirsa Dare Bond was born via surrogate on July 27, 2015. And some part of me feels this is all Laurel’s architecture unfolding. You see, she loved being in her bubble: living life, being creative, having fun, but some tiny part at the deepest level of her courage was realistic. Although I know she hoped to hold and kiss our daughter at least once, I don’t think she was under illusions of cap and gown. Sadly, even the former didn’t come to pass.

Forgive the metaphor, I am fireboy after all, but these fires now burning were lit from her spark. And now it’s up to me to be the best dad I can. And it’s up to all of us to celebrate our amazing friend.

Heck, Buzzfeed’s already doing a good job today: This Guy Put A Blank Canvas On eBay, and Went On An Incredible, Heartbreaking Journey. And you can too, just share your creative adventures and tag them #randomactoflaurel. Yay internets, we love you!



  1. keva

    i loved getting to know laurel and getting her work and jobs and emailing with her and chatting with her and texting with her and even tho we never met in person it FELT like we did. kirsa is a beauty. and you will be the best dad ever. LOVE from my office (and my heart) here in Palo Alto to you. – keva

  2. Brenda

    I’m so glad you posted this. On a whim, here at 4am, I thought I’d visit this site just to see my beautiful cousin’s creative wisdom. Your entry is perfect. It brought a smile to my face (especially the “ghost problems” part!) and the picture with your beautiful Kirsa. You’re doing a wonderful job. And we are all here rooting for you and Fire Baby.
    Much love,

  3. Kim Silva

    I check in every so often, thinking I’ll maybe stumble upon something new that I haven’t read before, or just to feel connected. I think of Laurel a lot . . . . Thank you, Brett

  4. Kathleen

    She graduated from Earth School with honors. What a gift she left for you. I know you will be the best dad ever! Xoxoxo

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  6. Dana Monroe

    Lovely entry , she definately would have approved of byline….SOOO sorry 4 ur loss Kirsa was her focus, Laurel lives on I won’t forget her Best 2 u always

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  8. Steph

    I found this blog on as I lay in bed “recovering” from my most recent chemo. Over the past few hours I have read the entire thing. Thank you for leaving this available. She is still helping others. Praying for you and your daughter!

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