1. Janet Parris

    So I just found your blog…thank you Breast Cancer.org! Anyway, I have since my diagnosis in 2009 been inundated with nutrition and dietary information. Friends and family (bless their hearts) showering me with every new drink, shake, antioxidant blah, blah, blah known to man that will “cure me”. Don’t eat sugar, eat sugar (as in the Crème brulee and bacon diet…seriously and that was from an oncology nurse) Drink beet juice, eat almonds (but not peanuts!), do the Paleo diet. Don’t take in too many antioxidants because that will interfere with the efficacy of chemo…..ugh, sick of it all! So, you know what? I’m not deliberately eating unhealthy things (processed stuff, McDonald’s etc…) but, I am not making myself crazy with all this stupid crap either…I mean hey, I could get hit by a bus, right? 🙂

  2. Kristie

    I’m a nurse and if I had a nickel for every time I heard ______ gives you cancer…
    I plan to post this in my office. Thanks for the serious humor. God bless you in your journey. Don’t forget to laugh every time you get the chance.

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